Friday, July 29, 2011

City Lawyers Say Something Is Illegal, Laura Padgett Says, "But I Want to Do It!"


A proposed regulation requiring financial guarantees for demolition permits in Wilmington is outside the city's authority and could open the door to lawsuits, city attorneys say.
Developers argue requiring them to put up a guarantee that the money will be there if they don't follow through with demolition is unfair and another hurdle for already stalled growth. But city council members see it as a way to prevent government from having to step in and pay to tear down unsightly, partially demolished buildings – such as the old warehouse next to the new convention center.

The city spent thousands tearing down the 2,000-square-foot building at 1 Hanover St. after issuing multiple nuisance violations on the half torn down structure that was attracting homeless people.

[...]City staff, the planning commission and the legal department are all advising the council not to pass this new regulation.

[...]Councilwoman Laura Padgett said she is in favor of finding a way to require the financial guarantee.

"If we can do it legally, I think we should," she said.

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