Thursday, August 4, 2011

Did You Know that Wilmington Just Got a License Plate Scanner?

Can you say "Big Brother?"  Laura Padgett, of course, has a problem with it, but yet again votes for something that she obstensibly has a "problem" with.

This passed unamiously last night, but here's an earlier story on it.

One Wilmington City Councilwoman has problems with surveillance equipment that captures photos of license plates so police officers can see if the vehicle owners match a list of suspected terrorists.
"There are some privacy issues," Laura Padgett said during the council's meeting Tuesday.

[...]Councilman Ron Sparks echoed some of those concerns despite later voting to approve the grant.

[...]Councilman Kevin O'Grady argued that license plates were issued for the purpose of identifying who owns the vehicle.

"How is looking at them an invasion of privacy?" he questioned.
Ahhh, what a convenient over-simplification.  They're just "looking" at them.  I suppose anything is permissible as long as people are just "looking."  I suppose we don't need to give permission for anything as long as what's being checked is "created for the purpose of identification."

Does anyone have any concerns for the 4th Ammendment?  Does anyone think this will actually help catch any "terrorists," or will it be used for other things?

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