Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ron Sparks: Brave Enough to Act After the Fact

This downtown sign ordinance has been in force since at least Sept. 1st (when I wrote about it.) The first article that I know of about it in the StarNews appeared Sept. 17th. City Council had a meeting three days later. Nothing was mentioned about it at that time. Now that there's more political pressure, Ron Sparks seems to be willing to act.  Let's not forget that this ordinance was passed in 2008 when Sparks was in office.

Ron Sparks, who is up for re-election in November, plans to introduce a resolution during the council's regular meeting Tuesday that would suspend enforcement of a regulation that prohibits businesses from covering up more than 10 percent of their storefronts with signs. The suspension would be for 30 days to find out if the rule is really necessary.
So, he doesn't even have an opinion.  He doesn't object on principled grounds.  He wants someone else to tell him, presumably, if the rule is actually necessary.

Good luck with that.

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