Monday, September 26, 2011

The Wilmington Elite Knows How to Run Your Business Better than You


Less visibility on storefront posters could reduce audiences at their performances, some members of the local music and theater community said last week.

The city of Wilmington recently notified about 25 businesses that they were not in compliance with an ordinance, last modified in 2008, that prohibits signs from covering more than 10 percent of a business' ground floor window.

“We rely on that exposure to get the word out about our events,” said Tom Briggs, artistic director of the Thalian Association. “Now we can't advertise to the people that come downtown.”

Brent Watkins owns the Soapbox, which books more than 350 musical acts per year. On Friday, the Soapbox displayed 23 fliers for upcoming shows such as Baltimore band Future Islands, the Peep Show Cabaret and an Ozzy Osbourne tribute group. If he follows the code as he understands it, Watkins said, nearly all of the posters will have to be removed.

[...]John Hinnant, president and CEO of Wilmington Downtown Inc., said store owners need to clear off their windows so potential customers will be drawn inside.

[...]Hinnant encourages entertainers and entertainment venues to use WDI's email newsletter to publicize events. (Uch)

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