Friday, September 23, 2011

Unemployment in City Up, Unemployment in County Down

Folks, I've said this before, but this is not supposed to be happening.  Unemployment is supposed to be higher in less dense areas, not lower.  That is until you account for tax burden of course.

Tax burden is the number one factor correlated with job, population and real income growth.  We have the 5th highest tax burden of the largest 33 cities in NC.

Is it any surprise that our unemployment keeps increasing?

After a small drop in July, unemployment is up again in the Wilmington metro area. The region's unemployment rate climbed to 10.5 percent in August. That's up from 10.2 percent in July after a drop from 10.4 percent in June.

[...]Bladen and Columbus Counties saw no change from July to August, and New Hanover County saw a slight decrease.
It goes on to say that the county's unemployment dropped from 10.1% in July to 10% in August.

That's a full .5% difference.

Pretty depressing if you ask me.

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