Sunday, August 7, 2011

On the Closing of the Rhino Club



Sean Tobin, who co-owned the Rhino when the stabbing happened, said in a recent interview that he only received one communication about problems at his club, and it came from his landlord, not authorities, about a month before the homicide.

[...]For security, Tobin said, bouncers checked entrants with pat-downs and magnetic wands. "Security was very tight," he insisted.

[...]Alonzo Peterson, who worked in security and promotion for Club 609, and said the bar tried to prevent gang activity. In 911 calls placed the night of the shooting, former owner Loris Cecchi tells dispatchers that he tried to kick people exhibiting gang-like activity out of the club.

[...]The people working that night attempted to control the fight inside the club, Peterson said, but when it spilled outside, it got out of control. Security at the door does not stop patrons from leaving weapons in their cars.

"All hell broke loose, and there's nothing anyone could do about it," Peterson said. "It could have happened in the middle of Walmart. Unfortunately, it happened at Club 609."

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