Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why Does Another Hotel Back Out?

Because the city is taking too long.  Does this sound like being 'business-friendly?'

A company that develops Hampton Inns has pulled out of the running to build a convention center hotel but is still interested in downtown Wilmington.

Wilmington Prime Hotels LLC proposed building a Hampton Inn and Suites with 150 rooms that could be expanded to 200. But investors backed out, saying they were waiting too long for a slight chance at getting the convention center agreement with the city, Wilmington Prime Hotels manager John Van Coutren said.

"They wanted to move their resources in another direction. I can only hold it for so long," he said. 

[...]Van Coutren said the company had expected the city to make a decision in June based on the timeline that was given to the developers.

A report was made to city council in June but the city decided to hire a consultant at that time to help pick the hotel and facilitate the closure of the agreement.

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