Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wilmington City Council: Regulation Follows Regulation

Trying to solve a problem they created.

Wilmington City Council members want to make sure city taxpayers won't be on the hook for cleaning up partially demolished buildings – like they are now with the old warehouse next to the convention center.

City staff is researching that potential regulation to bring it to the full council for a vote. But some developers see this as another hurdle that could trip up growth in an already stalled market.

"The city doesn't need anymore regulations," said Todd Toconis, a downtown developer and critic of the city's development regulations.

Toconis argues the city is only tearing down the warehouse because it is in the direct line of sight from the Wilmington Convention Center.

Council members have admitted the dilapidated building, which has become a safety hazard and was previously home to the homeless, needs to come down quickly because of the city's new project. 

The city has already spent $14,000 to clean up half of the property and plans to spend another more than $13,000 to test for asbestos and bring it down. If asbestos is found, the cost could go even higher.

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