Sunday, May 22, 2011

How the City Is Planning on Dealing with the Forced Annexation Moratorium


Charging fees to out-of-town motorists who cause traffic crashes in the city – and use police and fire services as a result – is one possibility. Another is requiring visitors to pay more to use city parks and other programs.
That's right, folks. In order to make up from the revenue the city will "lose" by not being able to force people into paying hundreds of dollars more in property taxes and thousands in water and hook-up fees, the city is going to charge visitors more to "use city parks."

Nevermind exactly how they're going to determine exactly who is a visitor and who is not in a city park.

Also, they mention visitors "who cause traffic crashes [...]and use police and fire services as a result" as if these people are simply crashing into traffic poles left and right.  Of course, they don't mention that their visiting helps local businesses and raises sales tax revenue.

The city never mentions the simplest solution: living inside our means like the majority of municipalities that aren't in states with such draconian forced annexation rules (which is 48 out of 50 states.)

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