Tuesday, April 12, 2011


According to this StarNews article, the Mayfaire is doing well.  I think this just goes to show that there is a demand for mixed use development within Wilmington and we need to adjust our zoning code to make this easier.

We currently have it so that there can be only one developer to a mixed use project.  This means that we will only get massive mixed use projects like the Mayfaire, instead of allowing mixed use to occur naturally as it did downtown and pretty much everywhere else before the mid-1910's when zoning was introduced.

I've also heard that the developers of Mayfaire had to jump through hoops just to get their site approved.

Brody said that 70 percent of the original 108 lots at the Parkside single-family housing development have sold and that they continue to approve plans for new construction. He also said The Reserve at Mayfaire, an apartment complex, is at 90 percent occupancy, while The Village at Mayfaire has 10 condos remaining of the original 200. He added of the 84 condo units built above the retail spaces, 70 have sold.

Of the housing communities, Brody said, “We have tremendous interest from people coming from outside of the (Wilmington) market.”

“I've lived in every type of style of living from the '40s forward, and this (Townview condo) is just what I want,” said Mayfaire Townview resident Sylvia Fink, who moved from Raleigh in October. “The best part is not having to worry about taking your trash out and stepping on a snake,” Fink said.

The three residential communities, not including The Reserve, range in price from the mid $200,000's to the upper $700,000's, Rice said.

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