Saturday, February 19, 2011

Want a Fence?

Last city council meeting about half an hour was spent with the zoning issue: should fences be allowed to be 6 ft. or 4 ft. by right?

All of the city council members, except for O'Grady, voted for the measure. It seems like a good idea, right? Allow more leniency. Let's see what else they got in that measure:

a. The fence, wall or screen shall be setback a minimum of one- half (1/2) the distance of the required front yard setback for the district or fifteen (15) feet, whichever is greater; and

b. At least fifty (50) percent of the area of the fence, wall, or screen above four
(4) feet shall be open along the entire length such that clear vision is possible from one side to the other.
Always with the setback requirements. Loosen one thing, only to make another tighter.

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