Monday, February 21, 2011

Laura Padgett, M.D.

Laura Padgett knows what's best for you, haven't you heard? That's why she's considering trying to ban smoking in all of downtown.

Of course, they mention the reason that people are smoking outside right in the article, but nothing more is said about it.


Wilmington City Council Member Laura Padgett says she'd like to study an expansion of the smoking ban, including outside establishments in downtown Wilmington.

Last year, the state banned smoking in restaurants and bars. Padgett says over the past few months, more and more people have complained to her about seeing cigarette butts on the ground. She says at a recent Central Business meeting, many non-smokers approached her and said every time they walk through a puff of smoke downtown they feel unhealthy.

"What kind of created this problem is the state banned smoking in bars and restaurants and so it pushed it all out on the street. People were using the public spaces, the sidewalks and streets are impacted by groups of smokers and it's very unpleasant as well as being a health hazard," Laura Padgett said.

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