Friday, January 21, 2011

How Is Our Water and Sewer System Looking?

Not too good it turns out.

The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority had 10 breaks to either a water main or its sewer system between Christmas and New Year's Eve, failures Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo said remind him of the problems the city faced before the state imposed a sewer moratorium because of the lack of capacity.

The state has since lifted the 2006 moratorium that stalled development. But Saffo worries it could happen again and would cripple development when the economy improves and developers want to start building again.
The CFPUA is not the solution to the city's water and sewer problems.

They inherited a massive amount of debt, a limited ability to raise funds and a crumbling infrastructure.

The city should reclaim its responsibility to provide water and sewer service from the CFPUA.

For more on the CFPUA, see here.

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