Monday, October 10, 2011

Zoning and Food Trucks

Since Poor Piggy’s started popping up around the city two months ago, three additional food trucks – Sweet Bliss, Ms. Cheesy and The Cheesy Banker – have opened or launched plans to do so via Facebook and Twitter.

But food truck owners say the new concept is full of uncertainty as they try to get up and running, especially when it comes to operating within Wilmington.

“It is confusing, and you really do have to go sit down and have a conversation with someone,” said Carter McKaughan, who plans to start The Cheesy Banker later this month. “There’s not somewhere that it’s easy 
where you can go online and find out the restrictions and policies.

“The rules just haven’t really been addressed.”

Coulbourn said his experiences with the city of Wilmington have been similar.

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