Sunday, October 16, 2011

What Can Get You $41,600 of Fines in Wilmington?


Johnson argued at the last council meeting that the residents nearest to his property don't have a problem with the RV, which has been fenced off.

"Any of the neighbors that can see it have no problem with it. It's someone that has a malicious purpose in this. I would say that it really shouldn't be considered," he said of the petition.

Rivenbark said the 140 feet of Barksdale Road was no longer used by the public.

"It's not a road first of all," he said, referring to the area as a stub that leads to nowhere because the phase of a development that was planned beyond it never happened.

Johnson has racked up code violation fines totaling $41,600 since Feb. 25 because of his parked RV
but the city manager's office directed staff to suspend code enforcement in the spring pending the road closure process, Chief Code Enforcement Officer Steve Harrell said.
Oh, and:
The council will consider a second reading of the closure Tuesday during its regular meeting. The first reading passed 4-3 with council members Laura Padgett, Kevin O'Grady and Ronald Sparks dissenting.
So, if Padgett, O'Grady and Sparks had their way, this guy still would have had his fines.

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