Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Radio Ad

Hey everyone, I'm going to have a radio ad on the Big Talker and WAAV. Maybe it's already been on. I don't know. I haven't heard it yet.

I just wanted to give support for what is surely one of the more eyebrow-raising claims in the ad: that Ron Sparks has introduced about one resolution per year, and Laura Padgett has introduced about 2.5.

Here's the original email that I sent to the city spokeswoman:

Could you tell me all the bills, or ordinances, whatever, that have been introduced by Laura Padgett, Ron Sparks, and Kristi Tomey (/Campos) since they were last elected? I'm basically looking for everything that they introduced that was voted on.
Here's what I got in response. I'm omitting Kristi Tomey because she's not running for re-election:

Laura Padgett:

9/6/2011 - Resolution revising the membership of the Vision 2020 Committee (Councilmembers Padgett and O'Grady)

3/22/2011 - Resolution of the Wilmington City Council opposing Senate Bill 183 and House Bill 309 - the "Billboard Bill" (Councilmember Padgett)

2/15/2011 - Resolution Allocating Parks Bond Proceeds Previously Designated for Natatorium Development (Project Code 11PK10) to the Completion of the Cross City Trail (Project Code 07PK45) (Mayor Saffo and Councilmember Padgett)

1/18/2011 - Resolution Supporting the Vision 2020 Oversight and Coordinating Committee Priority Implementation Actions (Councilmember Laura Padgett)

4/6/2010 - Resolution supporting the preservation of a Future Corridor for the Cape Fear Skyway (Sponsored by Councilmember Padgett)
Resolution supporting the "gap" funding for the Cape Fear Skyway (Sponsored by Councilmember Padgett)

Resolution authorizing the release of the note on the St. Andrews Church Building (Sponsored by Councilmember Padgett)

2/16/2010 - Resolution to consider Local Campaign Finance Reform Options (Sponsored by Councilmember Padgett)

5/5/2009 - Resolution requesting the City's Delegation to the General Assembly to support legislation to create fairness in insurance rates (Councilmembers Padgett & Haynes)

3/3/2009 - Resolution requesting that the proposed Office of Urban Policy in President Obama's administration form a permanent advisory group to help guide that office in its efforts to provide assistance to our nation's urban areas (Councilmember Padgett)

Ron Sparks:

10/04/2011 - Walk-on Resolution to suspend enforcement of certain sign ordinances for 30 days (Councilmember Sparks)

3/22/2011 - Resolution Expressing Support for the Efforts of the New Hanover County Cape Fear Museum to Restore Three Significant Artifacts Related to Local Involvement in the Civil War in the amount of $6,000 from Council Contingency (Councilmember Sparks)

3/2/2010 - Resolution establishing a Public Hearing for the consideration of a temporary moratorium on Cyber-Sweepstakes Gaming within the City of Wilmington (Councilmember Sparks)

8/4/2009 - Resolution authorizing the City of Wilmington to apply for grants to establish a Human Relations Commission (Councilmember Ronald Sparks)

7/7/2009 - Resolution supporting the exploration of an alternative mechanism to promote, protect and preserve the human rights of citizens of the Greater Wilmington Region and the responsibilities of the now defunct New Hanover County Human Relations Commission (Councilmember Sparks)
As you can see, most of these resolutions are either terrible or trivial.

Do we not want to bring leadership to the City Council?

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