Friday, October 28, 2011

9 Out of 10 Downtown Business Owners Say Wilmington Government Less Supportive of Businesses than Other Cities'

Is anyone surprised?


(Circle 1)      11. IF you have ever owned or operated a business in another city,  is the City Government of Wilmington or MORE  or  LESS  (circle ONE)  cooperative and supportive of businesses than the City Government of the other city you  have done business in? 
What other city have you owned a business in? ­­­­­_________________________________________ 
                                More – 10%   Less – 90%
Other cities noted as previous places of business; Norfolk VA., Conyers NC, Nyack NY, Charlotte NC, Burlington NC, Hampstead NC, Tampa FL, Washington DC, Carrboro NC, Winston Salem NC, Richmond VA, Apex NC, Virginia Beach Va, Tuscaloosa Al, Durham NC

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