Sunday, September 4, 2011

Can You Say Disgusting?

Is there anything to make it more clear that forced annexation is just a money grab?  This shows that we still need people against forced annexation in local government.

The city of Southport needs to grow, Mayor Robert Howard says.
Now that it appears that efforts to annex two residential areas outside of town have been blocked, he wants to find other ways to meet the city's goal of bringing in commercial development.
But Howard said recently the city's ultimate goal was not to annex the Smithville Woods and Jabbertown Road communities but the commercial corridor between the city limits and Long Beach Road.
Southport needs to live within it's means.  That's it.  If they want to grow, give people a low tax burden.  That's the number one thing that contributes to growth.

I know for a fact that their spending has ballooned in the past few years due to wasteful construction projects, and they're using this to attempt to fill a whole.

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