Friday, August 19, 2011

N. 3rd St. Project to Cost $700k More?

This story doesn't mention the additional cost. It was mentioned during the city council discussion of the resolution. It'd be $700k more.

Again, this is something that the city requires private developers do, but is not doing itself.


The cost of the Third Street Improvement Project could go up again. The $9.6 million project could go up if council decides to add stormwater improvements and irrigation for street trees, according to Wilmington Metropolitan Planning Organization Executive Director Mike Kozlosky.

The project, underway now, is missing two components, some council members say. Councilman Charlie Rivenbark wants to know how much it would cost to add irrigation for landscaping and trees. Councilwoman Laura Padgett wants stormwater improvements. She says the city failed to improve stormwater on Front Street when it renovated the area last year.

“We worry about that with builders and developers but we don’t worry about that when the city does it,” she said.

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