Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WAVE Trying to Get in Over Its Head Again

Greyhound, which operates the downtown facility at Harnett and Front streets, has an operations contractor who would like to retire, Eby said. Since the agent is retiring anyway, Greyhound is exploring selling its downtown facility and partnering with WAVE to operate out of its Cando Street station.
"We do have this facility that could accommodate their needs," Eby told the authority. "The presence would definitely be to our advantage." Eby said Greyhound could compensate WAVE by giving it a small percentage of its ticket sales.
Board members unanimously voted (Meaning Kristi Tomey) to give Eby the authority to proceed in negotiations with Greyhound. They were particularly interested in the stipend WAVE would receive for hosting Greyhound.
Does it not seem like WAVE wants to buy this station? That's what the "partnering" seems like it will be like to me.

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