Wednesday, June 22, 2011

$189k for the PC Replacement Fund ...Doesn't Include Replacing Any PC's

City Council:

That, $189,000 of the PC Replacement Fund’s retained earnings be appropriated for the purpose of funding the current fiscal year’s monthly costs related to the implementation and hosting of email, file storage, Citrix based applications, Microsoft applications, phone system applications and related software services, maintenance and licensing.

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  1. Know this is a late comment. I found your blog after reading the Star News Artical today regarding the Fire Department and the budet.

    So my first comment goes like this.

    You forgot to include the Kronos time keeping system and the employee charged with maintaining its daily dilemas, I mean use. It was supposed to be the end all be all for employee time tracking for payroll but has proved time and time again to be a black eye for both the city and employees.