Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is the County Giving Approximately $1M Less to WAVE?

It appears that way.
The city plans to give WAVE flat funding in the coming 2011-12 fiscal year, nearly $1.2 million. City officials also have inquired whether the county will be giving any money to WAVE. According to city documents, the county is expected to give WAVE around $132,000 for the next fiscal year.
Last year the county gave $1.1M.

Now, if you click on the link where I quote that, you'll see that it's broken.  (It wasn't, however, when I wrote it.)  That's because WAVE has radically redone their website, and has made it virtually impossible to find their budget information, if it's possible at all.

It's like the website for a private company, not a public one!

Meanwhile, I can't tell exactly how much their budget increased by, and who voted for what.

Nice, huh?!

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