Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why Did New Hanover County Schools Buy Dozens of iPads for District Office Staff?

That was the question submitted to the StarNews's "Myreporter."  Here's the answer.  Do you believe it?

I also thought it was interesting that the woman's name is 'Quattlebaum.'  There was a Quattlebaum who was the head of the WHA a few years ago.


This is the answer submitted by Valita Quattlebaum, chief communications officer for New Hanover County Schools:

“Some district administrators received a group discount on the purchase of iPads as part of the technology-focused, paperless initiative launched by the new superintendent. The district’s goal is to increase efficiency and ultimately save thousands of dollars on paper, ink cartridges and other related items in the future. The administrators had outdated computers and some did not have laptops that could be taken to meetings. Additionally, as technology continuously advances, district administrators have to be knowledgeable and equipped to demonstrate 21st century technology to students as they are using high-tech devices such as smart phones, iPads, Nooks, notebooks and other examples of the latest technology in the classroom. Finally, most of the equipment has been purchased with money from supplies budgets which can only be used for that purpose.”

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