Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Potential Reform to Building Rules

Sounds good to me.


Senate Bill 214 would require governments protecting properties from development to purchase them or begin condemnation proceedings within 18 months from the time a corridor protection map is filed. If the government that filed the map doesn't do so, the property owner would be free to develop the land, according to the bill.

Under current law, no building permits or subdivision approvals may be issued inside a protected corridor for up to three years, or 36 months, from the date an application was submitted by a developer.

[...]The Business Alliance for a Sound Economy, which deals with legislative affairs for the coastal North Carolina real estate and building industries, and the N.C. Home Builders Association are pushing the legislation. It would take effect Dec. 1 and apply only to corridor maps filed after that date.

Donna Girardot, BASE chief executive officer, said under current law, to get the three-year clock started, a developer must spend the time and money to submit a development application, even though he knows it will be denied.

Girardot cited several Wilmington-area cases where property has been tied up for more than a decade while the DOT finalizes corridor protection maps and moves forward with land acquisition and construction.

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